Leakage Solutions
After 40 years of experience in the manufacturing, installing and designing of airprehaters we have found a step by step process that leads to solving the biggest issue in Air Preheaters, Leakage.

Leakage compromises the ability of an air preheater to increase the efficiency of a boiler, since if the plant is fan limited the most probable cause is that the air preheater is not well sealed.

Regardless of boiler fan limitations, boiler efficiency is reduced by excess air preheater leakage. The MYLSA solution is called a "Leakage Reduction Project". MYLSA's 50 years of air preheater experience coupled with our project installations using the best high efficiency seals in the market, Sealeze's brush seals, provide a turnkey solution to solve air preheater leakage problems for many years.
Successful projects
In the last 2 years we have executed our first 3 projects which we successfully kept below 8% leakage for a period longer than a year.
Manzanillo U-11
Villa de Reyes U-1
Villa de Reyes U-2